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Hello! I'm Tay Ross and I'm a 22 year old content creator from sweet little Rhode Island - currently living in Colorado. I grew up with a soccer ball at my feet and a camera in my hand: not much has changed except I'm a little taller now.  I spend most of my time creating art in the forms of videography, photography and words. 

I'm most passionate about telling stories through my work. I absolutely love making people feel. Sometimes I think I can see, hear, and envision things differently than other people can...like the way a musician can just pick up a instrument and play or the way an artist can do anything with a set of brushes. You know?

I've just graduated the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Marketing and four years under my belt as an NCAA Division 1 Soccer Player. I've been working with brands, on projects, and for companies since I was 16 - some of them even my own. I love creative challenges and collaborations so if you wanna get in touch, lets do it.